CONNECT people.
who NEED to be connected.
with the RIGHT people.

It seems easy nevertheless the pools of REAL ESTATE COMPANIES and PROPTECH companies are so vast that an agent/organization familiar with both industries needs to make the right connection.

We are the aid you are looking for if you are involved in REAL ESTATE looking for technology solutions TECH/PROPTECH trying to place your product to the real estate market

For Tech, PropTech companies, startups

We will help you introducing you to the real estate world and give guidance how you can share your product or technology solution with the end users.

We provide mentorship, collaboration and partnership with specific market knowledge.

Your business will be boosted and you will have access to the right market knowledge and opportunities locally and in the region.

For Real Estate companies

We give you an insight of the available technology and PROPTECH solutions designed for real estate companies.

Through regular advisory the technology sector will become more transparent accessible.

The platforms we believe

Conferences | Workshops | Meetups

We organize conferences, workshops and meetups monthly/quarterly always making sure to introduce the latest trends, the upcoming challenges and opportunities always involving the people active in both industries.

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Our Partners

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We invite all PropTech companies based in any countries in the region including Hungary, Serbia, Romania, Croatia, Czech Republic and Slovenia to join us in order to be recognized by real estate companies.

We invite real estate companies active in the region to discover what is available on the market for each segment of the industry.


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